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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Outdoor Halloween decorating

Welcome to day 11 of the 31 day challenge... visit some of the other bloggers here...http://www.thenester.com/2011/09/31-days-participants.html  Also, you have til Friday to win a pair of handknit mittens.  Just become a follower and leave a comment... that's it!

I found these tables at a garage sale for $7.  They look perfect sitting by my front door.

Next I added a little stool, an orange pedestal and a gorgeous olive green and orange pumpkin.  I added a little orange and black ribbon to the top...

Do you recognize the orange bucket?  It looks perfect on the little stool.

This pumpkin fits perfectly in an urn.

The orange toolbox used to be my father in law's... the plaid picnic basket is a garage sale bargain.

I thought this pumpkin from Target looked vintage...
 What are you doing to decorate for Halloween?


  1. Such cute displays!! I love the different boxes you find...aww, and the one was Don's :)) Soooo cute! I think that pumpkin at Target looks vintage, too! Think I'll see if the one here has that....yeah, sure they will :-/ lol

  2. How do you do that? My house front looks boring with 3 Pumpkins and 3 plants. Have to get the halloween stuff out of the basement and start decorating (scary for the boys).

  3. This is really darling! I wanna come trick-or-treat at this house. Come check out how to make a yarn flower. Maybe for your front door.

  4. Love the red tables! It all looks cute. I just found a pedestal exactly like your orange one at Goodwill the other day. It's still wood colored and I plan to paint it. Anyways, just wanted to say it looks cute.

  5. Colleen McConnell FowlerOctober 11, 2011 at 6:07 PM

    I love seeing your posts....makes me feel like I am visiting you at your house! :) And as far as the mitten go, you know I love red. ;)

  6. CUUUUTE. It makes me pine for Sophia Drive. People here just don't get it. PS. I liked your old font better. Big Kiss.

  7. I'm having a party for my daughter and her class of girls -- all 19 of them. Thanks for all of the great ideas for her party. We will definitely be making the tags, the owl cards and the cupcakes. You are amazing! Thanks too for the great ideas for my front porch.