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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thrifty Thursday... hello beautiful!

Now don't get mad at me, but I had a jackpot garage sale stop last Friday.  People always tell me "I never find anything good at garage sales".  Believe me, I've stopped at my share of lame sales.  Once in awhile you have some luck... it helps to hit old neighborhoods, but sometimes the best ones are the ones that you just happen upon.

I was driving to Mankato last week and swung into a sale on a farm in Belle Plaine.  There were just a few tables and hanging racks.  When I saw this box of fireking dishes my heart skipped a beat.  Nothing was priced so I asked "how much?"  First the nice lady told me $30... this was her aunts, it wasn't used much.  She happily accepted a $20 bill for it.  You can always nicely bargain.  Usually people will take what you offer.  They want to get rid of this old crap!

So I get it home and it is full of Fireking Primrose dishes.  Lots of snack trays... can't you see fancy ladies using them for a tea party?!

Little custard cups, bowls, serving dishes, lots of loveliness.

These bowls are on the underside of a snack tray.  Can you stand how cute it is?!

Fireking made this pattern in the 60's.  You could get it at the grocery store or hardware store.  I've seen complete boxes of it on ebay and it isn't cheap.  I loooooove it!

Today is garage sale day in Minnesota... get out there and find a treasure!


  1. HOLY COW, you ARE the woMAN!! ;))) I adore that set....especially the 'ladies luncheon plates' and custard cups!!! You got a STEAL!!!

  2. I just don't know how you do it! But I did find some cute little sheep napkin rings once, if I remember right I called you right away, because it had never happened to me before (and after).You just have an I for cute things.