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Friday, August 5, 2011

Birthday fun, and photo collages

Today is my friend Kay's 40th birthday party.  We are decorating for it this afternoon.  We are using lime green and black.  I can't wait to see these balloons inflated.  I will share everything with you tomorrow.

I've been a spray painting fool this week.  I got these frames for $1 each at a garage sale.  Most had tags on the back that said $29.99!  I love it when you find deals like that...

Anyways, I sprayed most of them this delicious avocado green.  I'm going to use them at the party...

cute, right?

I also made this plate for the candy table,

and this little banner that will be hung somewhere.

Last of all, I am thinking about doing these collages for people to use for their Christmas cards.  I know it is August for Heaven's sake, but I had the idea and I had to act on it.  I am going to order a couple cards with the image on it so you can get a better idea of what they would look like...

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  1. This blog is so cute it makes my head spin!! I love it so much!!