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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Spring

Hello again friends!  I had to share a few cute spring projects with you.
Last week we read a bunch of rain books.  The children made puddles with eye droppers and then glued raincoats, umbrellas and boots on them.  These were sooooo cute.

I printed out a little poem and used these little raindrops on the magnet board.

These flowers are from lakeshore... we painted them with eye droppers and paint.

The little chicks are made with dot art paints.  My preschoolers cut around the edges of yellow circles.

These bunnies were a hit last year too.  I bought marshmallows at the dollar store and we glued them to white paper plates.  Yes, they ate a lot of marshmallows.

Last of all these eggs were made with shaving cream with paint swirled in the top.  Run a squeegee over the top of the egg and the colors will swirl all over the egg.  Messy and fun!

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