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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

painting with watercolors and Elmer's glue

Today's project is another messy one.  Messy is usually fun if you ask me.  You will need Elmer's glue, food coloring and watercolor paints.  I used watercolor paper as well
Mix a few drops of food coloring in your glue bottles.  I love how the neon colors look.

I stirred each bottle up with a skewer.  

Make designs or pictures on your watercolor paper using the colored glue.  Let the glue dry overnight.

The glue makes a raised pattern that is fun to paint inside.  It keeps the watercolors from bleeding together.

You can add white glue to the paper also.  Little kids might just want to play with the glue, which is just fine.  It's all about the experience, right?  


  1. Fantastic idea and sensory experience!!!

  2. what a great idea! This would be great to make note cards too!! Love the idea. Can't wait to try it.