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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nesting doll art project

Have you checked out my nesting doll activity pdf at my teachers pay teachers store yet?  http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Nesting-Doll-Activities  My friend Mary and I put it together and I'm so proud of it.  I hope you will consider purchasing it.  
Last week I got to share my nesting doll activities with my preschoolers.  When they come to school in the morning, they always want to see what's new!   The first thing they saw was my large nesting doll.  I let them hold it but I didn't let them open it.  You should have seen their faces when I opened it and showed them what was inside.  Everyone got a turn putting the dolls in order.  We also read The Littlest Matryoshka.  I had to paraphrase some of the pages... they are 3 year olds after all.

They all loved the tiniest one.  One boy clutched the whole set to his chest and desperately wanted to take them home.  It makes me so happy when kids enjoy things that aren't electronic.  Just good old fashioned toys!

When we were done, I sat with each child and made the art project.  I had cut everything before, but I let them chose the colors and glue everything.

In the pdf, I have included smaller patterns which you can enlarge for this project.   

I set the dolls out and let them draw the faces.  I love the different faces they came up with.  I got this set at Homegoods in December.  It was a really good price.  I don't know if they are carrying them anymore, but I know you can find them on the internet.

Look at the eyes with the eyelashes... brilliant! 

A close up of the poster I put on my door and the dolls I showed yesterday.  I can think of a million ways to use the felt dolls...
The poster came from etsy last year.

 I hope you are inspired to check out this pdf at our teachers pay teachers store.  It is $5 and comes with all sorts of cuteness...

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  1. I totally DID purchase it- yesterday- and my head is swimming with the creative possibilities...yahoo!