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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's make Halloween costumes!

Last year I got an early start on Halloween costumes ... I got obsessed with making Sesame Street costumes for a family reunion.  We bought sweatshirts from Target and Wal Mart, added colored feather boas from the costume shop and made the eyes out of styrofoam balls.

My husband bought his...

My favorite was Elmo, but they were all really cute.

 I also helped make costumes for my parents and my niece.  Once again sweatshirts were used.  We added felt dalmation spots.  My mom used a burger king robe for her Cruella cape.  She bought the wig and wore a black and white dress underneath!

Last of all... my kids and a friends kids.  We used sweatshirts from Walmart and added felt superhero logos.  The capes were made out of felt too.  They were cheap and cute!

What are your best Halloween costume ideas?
p.s.  This post is for Becca and Jen!


  1. I can't believe you made these. If I had a fraction of your creativity, I would be in business. I am so glad you are my friend and you share your ideas with the world! Go Jenni!!!

  2. Andrea... you do have creativity... you are our knitting guru!

  3. You are so crafty! Your ohana is lucky to have you.

  4. Ever since you made those Sesame Street costumes, those pictures are my favorite! Those are adorable!!! How clever! And I LOVE the dalmation ones, too. First prize goes to Jenni for most creativeness!!