Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More farm activities

My preschoolers love this mod podge barn.  I bought the animals at an antique sale years ago and never knew what to do with them.  They have so much fun moving them around and arranging them.  

They couldn't be cuter.  I really like vintage paper of all kinds.  Books especially.

We made these simple little piggies with circles, triangles and rectangles.  I didn't have pink pipe cleaners so their tails are pink ribbons.

These sheep are easy too... use Elmer's glue... gluesticks aren't sticky enough.  We went through 5 bags of dollar store cotton balls for these.

Last of all, we made these horses by tracing our feet and adding brown yarn for a mane.  


  1. someday I'm going to come knocking at your preschool door and beg to come in a play! :):)

  2. Really cute ideas that I'm going to steal from you for my little nieces when they visit. Thanks for sharing!