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Teacher Appreciation Segment on Fox9

Waiting outside the Green
Room with my craft cart

Relaxing on 'the Buzz' 
couch.  Where's 
Jason and Alix?

This camera guy always likes my crafts.

30 seconds until 'On-Air'

Here is a behind the camera video that my husband filmed


  1. Oh my goodness so Happy your hubby filmed this..I wanted to see it so bad...I am in calif.So I could not see it here. I am happy you posted it..You did a great job ; ) vicky

  2. School Teachers are the best! My Mother taught school for many years and I loved being a teacher's kid!
    Thanks for making a difference!

  3. I see the pictures-- LOVE THEM!!! where is the video? I want to see you in action! BRAVO!!!!!! so happy for you!